Client Testimonials

My satisfaction comes from knowing that I have done a good job for my clients and that they are happy with the service and personal attention that I provide to them throughout the entire process of buying or selling a home. I am truly blessed to have represented so many wonderful people and am pleased (and extremely honored) to share with you testimonials from some of my clients.

2010 – Dan & Misty (1st time buyers) - "My wife and I want to thank you for your professionalism and patience while we were searching for our new home here in Houston. Moving to a new city is never easy but your tireless work on our behalf to find the right home made that process so much easier for us. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us not only as a Realtor but as a friend helping us navigate the obstacles course that we faced as new home buyers."

12/2010 – Brian & Rae (buyers) - "The process of buying or selling a home is filled with both emotional and logical decisions. You need an agent that can decipher your needs and wants and give it objective criteria to deliver the results you want. That is exactly the agent Connie Shugart is. A key competency of any good agent is communication. Today’s world requires interpersonal skills in Texting, Emailing, Skypeing, Faxing and yes good old fashion negotiating skills. I always felt with Connie that she was always had my best interest. I never had to follow up with her she was always one step ahead of me. What makes this more amazing is that we started all this remotely from Ohio. Just by us telling her what we wanted she was able to narrow the search down and saved us very precious time. A quality of consciousness that is rare in today’s environment. If you are looking for a real estate agent that is confident, competent, and connected to you and your family needs Connie Shugart is your agent.”

3/28/2011 - Jodi & Molen (buyers) - "I highly recommend Connie Shugart to anyone looking for a real estate agent. She’s experienced, has tons of energy and a great personality. Connie went beyond our expectations of a real estate agent. Connie treated our house as if it was her own, paying attention to small details, assuring everything was in order. Updates of all developments were provided immediately. As owners who’d moved out of the state, this gave indescribable peace of mind and eliminated all stress. Thanks again Connie!!!"

5/15/2011 - Dina & Amilcar (buyers) - "Connie made my kids, my husband and me feel like family. Most of all, we felt as though she had no other clients but us! She is the most dedicated Realtor I've ever met. Thank you for your professionalism, enthusiasm, input and most of all, your respect and patience."

5/31/2011 - Ryan & Alyson (buyers) - "Connie was extremely helpful in getting us into a house that met the needs of our family. She worked long hours, made dozens of phone calls, and did what was needed to help make our transition from Louisiana to Texas as smooth as possible. If you are looking for a realtor who is dedicated to making your move a success, I strongly advise using Connie Shugart."

5/31/2011 - Mike & Nikki (buyers) - "Connie is fantastic. She made the arduous task of finding a home quick and painless. She answered all our questions in a way that made sense and left us with no question unanswered. She was 'on point' at all times during the process. She was organized and on top of every possible situation. She went above and beyond her duties as a realtor. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. She is at the top of her game. We were blessed to have her as a realtor. Connie made the experience fun.”

7/15/2011 – Ginger (buyer) - "This is the second time I have used Connie and she is the best. She listened to what I wanted and gave me great advice on financing. Thanks so much Connie."

7/25/2011 – Kristina (1st time buyer) - Kristina Henkel said,
"Our realtor was amazing, she stood behind us and stood up for us. She explained the home buying process in different ways making sure we understood. We are very happy to have had her in our experience buying our first home. Definitely will recommend her. "

8/17/2011 – Amy & Justin (buyers) - "Connie was fantastic....couldn't have asked for more dedication from one person. She was amazing and I will recommend her to all my friends and family."

8/2011 - Dina and Amilcar (sellers) - "Nobody is as dedicated as Connie when it comes to selling a home! She is on the clock, literally 24 hours a day. God bless you and your family! Thank you is not enough for all that you did; staged our home so beautifully and sold it so quickly."

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